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Solutions for document management in the industry and medical science

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Provider: H&P Eurosoft GbR Hopperdiezel & P.Paulsen, Beisenbrauck 6, D-58730 Fröndenberg. Person responsible: Peter Paulsen

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Purpose of web projects: offers of product information to picture processing, print and document management and related subjects

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The content of these web-projects were carefully checked and made with the best knowledge and conscience possible. No claims of completeness, actuality, quality and accuracy of the displayed information have been charged. No responsibility of damage because of the trust due to the content of this web page or its use will be taken. The authors take responsibility of content they made for this web page.

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If you suspect this website of violating against your properties, please contact use immediately, so we can act immediately. We always listen to fair requests. The more time-consuming way with a lawyer for an expansive warning does not correspond to this. We have lawyers and legal cost insurance ready for these kinds of cases.

Limited guarantee of online-content
The available software on this internet site is not a sale contract with H&P Eurosoft. The option of downloading our free software (especially updates and demos) is a free service of H&P Eurosoft, no legitimate claim is possible for our customers at this point. There is only a legitimate claim if there is a written contract. Please take notice of the text file that is delivered with all software.



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