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H&P Eurosoft

Solutions for document management in the industry and medical science

The H&P Eurosoft Company exclusively works on the solution of problems in graphics field. The target of our development is making the work with coloured and monochrome picture files (2D and 3D) as easy as possible. On the one hand the platform independence of the products. All solutions are on the most operating systems that are on the market. The surface and functions of the products are the same on all systems all products can be used on other products, so in theory it works in the background. More than 50.000 sold licenses show the need and quality of our products.

Next to the platform independence the device independence is an important matter. All solutions are designed that new devices can easily be added. More than 1000 devices drivers in our solution prove our productivity.

One of the biggest subjects in input and output is the colour calibration. H&P Eurosoft and its partners have been working on the problematic of colour calibration of printers/ scanners and whole system. The developed technology counts to the best world wide.

For a few years now the product range has been expanding in the direction of control technical solution of packaging gets more important, because not only labelling of out going packages, but also solutions are wanted, the full automation of products description, until output control incl. Recording of severed personal and the connected error rates.

Computer and operating systems field





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